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Swiss Wines

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

We recently went skiing to Saas Fee in Switzerland and had a great time. Switzerland is an expensive place to visit, with food costing a lot more than the UK. While we were there we managed to try some wine, like everything else the wine is expensive, they often have bottles in 50cl sizes which makes it a little cheaper. On average we paid about £15 for a 50cl bottle of red and £25 for 75cl bottles. Every bottle we tried was a good and would recommend that when staying in Switzerland to try their own wine because it is hard to find outside their country, they must keep it all to themselves.

Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Wine

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Recently we have noticed that the quality of some of the wines at Sainsbury’s has seemed to have taken a bit of a noise dive. We have had some disappointing wines that are not the cheapest. However we have come to the conclusion that the best wine to by for a reasonable price is their Taste the Difference range. The Argentinean Malbec is a great red wine which we would highly recommend you try, the Merlot is also good and the Sauvignon Blanc is also good for the price. The Sauvignon Blanc is not at good as say the Mud House Sauvignon Blanc, but it is a few pounds cheaper. We would recommend that if you are in Sainsbury’s looking for wine then try their own Taste the Difference range, you may be surprised.

Moroccan Wines

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

We recently spent a week in Marrakech, which is a city of contrasts with the busy chaotic streets and the calm retreat of the riads. While there we came across some wines. Although Morocco is 98% Muslim and drinking alcohol is forebidden they produce some very good wines. We believe the best are the red wines, which are usually serve slightly chilled, this is due to the room temperature being in the thirties. The guide books said to try the rose wines and while there we saw loads of people drinking the rose, we thought the reds where much better, this may be because we are not fans of rose. If you get the chance I would recommend trying a Moroccan Red, we are on the look about for somewhere that sells them in the UK. When we have found one we will do a review on BarMirror.

Excellent Vintage – We think not!

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Recently we had a cocktail party and had to get the drinks in, we needed some fizz and one bottle we purchased was a Gran Tradicion Cava 2006 from the Co-op supermarket. It was cheap at approx £5.99, but it did say on it ‘Excellent Vintage’, this should have sounded the alarm bells because good wine never boasts, however we thought it cannot be that bad, but it was. They also sell a cheaper version of this Cava, which we will not be buying. I think the lesson here is if it says ‘Excellent’ on the bottle then stay well clear.

Wine Information

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

The main BarMirror web site contains information on wines including reviews, information and an online journal which users can add their own reviews of wines and view reviews of others. I am currently working on including a cocktail journal giving users the option to add their own cocktails recipes and share ideas. If you have any ideas on how I could improve the site please contact me on the BarMirror web site.